Danny Moreno was born in Bucaramanga on February 8, 1994. He is the oldest one of two brothers, His father is Luis Manuel Martínez Moreno and his mother is Sandra Joanna. Just when he was five years old he recorded his first single titled "NENA”being his father the authorship of this song. With this song he was well known around the country. One year later, at the age of six he produced his second hit titled MI PADRE Y YO, which emphasizes the values and the relationship with his father , achieving an excellent sales record and becoming one of his classics.
At the age of eight, he made his third musical production entitled MI TALENTO where he achieved total success with hits such as SERENATA A MI MADRE, LA VIDA DE MI PADRE, ELBILINGUE, FELIZ CUMPLEANOS y MI TALENTO where he gives thanks to God, the media and all his fans for his success.
When he was twelve years old, he released his fourth musical production in both English and Spanish entitled Mi Ninez with a rhythm called Tex-Mex, , a fusion between texan and mexican music. This production was very successful with hits as ME GUSTAS, MI NINEZ, LLEGO DICIEMBRE, EL BAILE DE LA RANITA and NENA, among other achievements with this production he definitely conquered the children from Colombia and several Latin American countries, which saw in Danny a role model and that's why today hundreds of children from five to twelve years old open their shows singing his beautiful songs that were recorded one day to be left stored in the heart of every one of them.
This artist has made over 500 presentations alternating repeatedly with artists such as Ivan Villazon, El Binomio de Oro, Los Inquietos, Vicente Fernandez, Los Tigres del Norte, Los Rayos de Mexico, Dario Gomez, Alejandro Fernandez and Gali Galeano between others.
In these stages. this young talent has always imposed his overwhelming talent, tenderness, humility and all the virtues that God has given him. This is the reason why Danny has gained the love of the public in general but also of the artists around him. He has appeared on several television programs including: Dia a Dia, Sabados Felices and on several occasions in el Show de las Estrellas,; He was also the winner of the program as a singer Canal Caracol Los Angelitos 2006.
Danny Moreno is a teenager nowand today he introduces his album with his new fresh voice, romantic and youthful style, more colorful and fluid than ever.
"I am sixteen years old and I feel blessed by God because I can keep doing what I like which is singing to my fans." Danny said
And so we introduced her new single with 7 songs, they are all very good, but the targets are: A donde vas, Corazon Corazoncito, Te quiero, Lo que mas quiero and Te quise mucho. This new production is just spectacular as his coleague Mr Willie Santamaria says, I hope you enjoy this production and Thanks to the media for their support and as always Danny Moreno says, "I love you."

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